Cell Sorting

The University Flow Cytometry Resource (UFCR) provides cell sorting for customers who need enrichment or isolation of up to four cell populations from a heterogeneous, single cell sample. Cell sorting services are primarily provided by UFCR staff on BD FACSAria II instruments in conditions up to BSL-2E, although for very advanced customers or for those needing to sort in BSL-3 conditions, other options do exist. For more information on those options, please refer to the appropriate sections below or contact the UFCR at [email protected].

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New Sort Customers

New UFCR sort customers are required to submit both UFCR New Sort Customer and UFCR Biosafety forms, as well as undergo a consultation, prior to requesting a sort appointment without exception. After receiving both forms, UFCR staff will contact you to set up a pre-sort consultation to discuss your cell sorting project and evaluate any relevant data, as well as go over UFCR cell sorting policies and procedures. Upon completion of the consultation, you may request cell sorting services as described in the Scheduling section.


There are four cell sorters available to UFCR customers. General information for all of the sorters can be found at the Cell Sorters page. For individual, detailed sorter configurations and additional information, click on the link to the individual sorter page below.

BSL-3 Sorting

Customers utilizing the BSL-3 suites in WMBB and are in need of cell sorting under BSL-3 conditions are able to sort using the Sony MA900 sorter. Customers must undergo additional instrument training before access will be granted to the Sony MA900 sorter. Please contact the UFCR at [email protected] for more information.


All sorts on BD FACSAria IIs that are run by UFCR staff have sort hours from 10AM-5PM, Monday-Friday during University business days. Sorts on the Sony MA900 are self-serve and can be booked at any time on any day.


Current cell sorting rates can be found on the Rates/Fees page.

Specific Capabilities

  • Particles from 1µm-32µm can be sorted
  • Sort rates of up to 30 million cells per hour may be achieved depending on the nozzle and cells of interest
  • 1-4 populations may be simultaneously sorted into a variety of tubes
  • Single cell deposition with index sorting capabilities
  • Up to BSL-3 sorting depending on the sorter (See Cell Sorters table for more information)
  • Broad fluorophore and fluorescent protein detection capabilities (See cell sorter configurations for more information)


After completing the new sort customer process, you may request cell sorting services by checking the online cell sorting calendar for availability and then filling out a UFCR Cell Sorting Request Form as described during the pre-sort consultation. Sort requests will be processed within one business day on a first-come, first-served basis. Sort requests not using the request form will not be processed. Once your sort request has been put on the calendar, you will receive a confirmation email.