Effective as of 7/1/22

Services Rates/Fees Notes
Self-Serve Analyzers $33.86/hour  
Self-Serve Analyzer Training $202.89  
Acquisition Services $94.98/hour Instrument Charge + $61.12/hour for labor
Analysis Services $66.12/hour $61.12/hour for labor and $5/hour for tech fee
Cell Sorting $98.88/hour Staff-Assisted
BSL-3 Sorting $233.86/hour Unassisted
FlowJo Portal License $235/year One Seat
FlowJo Dongle Lending No Charge First-Come, First Serve

NOTE: Masonic Cancer Center Research Members are eligible for a rate discount on analyzer and cell sorting services. Please contact the UFCR at [email protected] for member rates.